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Hike Safely During Hunting Season

Fall is a fantastic time to enjoy a nice hike on the trails. Cooler, drier weather, changing leaves, and fewer insects make it one of many people’s favorite hiking seasons. Autumn is a favorite season for other forms of …

National Public Lands Day

Treat your family and friends with a trip to your favorite National Park, Forest or Wildlife Refuge. On Saturday, September 27, 2014, Americans nationwide will celebrate National Public Lands Day, organized by National Environmental Education Foundation.  On this day, all federal …

Join Our Team

Do you have a passion for the outdoors and want to put your skills and experience to good use at a national nonprofit? American Hiking Society is currently hiring for a full-time Bookkeeper/Office Manager in our Silver Spring, MD …

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Forest Service Report Details Costs of Fighting Fires

Aug. 25, 2014 – The US Dept. of Agriculture recently released a report that examines the impact of fighting fires on the US Forest Service over the past two decades. According to the report, the amount of money spent fighting fires has increased substantially; so much so that in …

National Park Service still wild at 98 years old

The National Park Service (NPS) invites you to celebrate her 98th birthday, and as a party favor she’s offering FREE cover charge at all national parks – TODAY ONLY.   For more information, visit

NPS may be 98, but she is still full of vitality.  Every year, she entertains nearly 300 million guests who visit …

Fall Internship Opportunities

Are you a college student or recent grad who is passionate about the outdoors?  Consider joining our intern team!  American Hiking Society is seeking an organized, self-starter to assist with their volunteer programs and outreach efforts this fall/winter. The ideal candidate will be a college student or recent graduate …

Do This. Always Do This.

Have you read the incredible story of Aron Ralston – the man who was trapped in a slot canyon in Utah and only escaped after cutting off his own hand? Though a hero for his bravery, Ralston is a lesson of what NOT to do on a hike. He …

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Enhance Hiking With Outdoor Photography Tips and Tricks

If you haven’t tried outdoor photography before, then you must understand that it can be quite tricky, especially when you are trying hard to capture a perfect shot of someone and the environment around him. It often seems like hiking and photography go hand-in-hand, it’s probably because when we’re …

Simple Water Purification Techniques

When you go on an outdoor adventure, it is possible to experience a depletion of your water supply. Or sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances you were forced to stay outdoors longer than what you intended. Water in many places are not very safe to drink, so there is a …

American Hiking Society Leads “Hike Through History”

In June 1864, Confederate General Jubal Early was dispatched by Robert E. Lee with orders to clear the Shenandoah Valley of Federals and then invade Maryland and, if practical, threaten Washington, D.C.  Upon entering the nation’s capital, General Early was met by Maj. Gen. Horatio G. Wright and the strong defenses of Fort Stevens in Northwest Washington. With …

Fear of Nature Has Lots of Company

“Refuge Rangers Fight Myths about Creepy Crawlies and Other Wildlife.”

It’s not just snakes. Other wild creatures inspire exaggerated fears, too: bats; spiders; birds; fish – yes, fish.

In the course of greeting tens of thousands of visitors a year, rangers on national wildlife refuges bump up against many such bugbears. …

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Get Out. Give Back.

Our trails need YOU! This summer, volunteer your time working and having fun on an American Hiking Society Volunteer Vacation. Savor summer in some of America’s most awesome outdoor spots!
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#NationalTrailsDay on Instagram
 Today's #OutFam Twitter Chat is all about Family #Volunteering at 1:30 pm PST/4:30 pm EST. Join @chasquimom and @mommyhiker as we discuss how volunteer as families to save our little earth! We definitely enjoyed doing a beach clean up for #NationalTrailsDay! #outdoorfamilies #familiasoutdoors #familiesonfoot #conservation #motherearth #gogreen #volunteering
 There are firsts for everyone. This was Chester the dog's first of many summits. John Oakley's daughter and dog take in the view atop Baker Mountain in Saranac Lake, NY. #familiesonfoot #hikewithyourdog #nature #nationaltrailsday #hike #dog
 This scenic photo from @SamanthaThomas captures the beauty of the trek to Buckhorn Pass (by way of the Tubal Cain Trail) in the Buckhorn Wilderness of the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. #nationaltrailsday #volunteervacation #familiesonfoot #wildflowers #mountains
 #nationaltrailsday hike back in June. #iceagetrail