Autumn Hikers

Fear of Nature Has Lots of Company

"Refuge Rangers Fight Myths about Creepy Crawlies and Other Wildlife." It’s not just snakes. Other wild creatures inspire exaggerated fears, too: bats; spiders; birds; fish – yes, fish. In the course of greeting tens of thousands of visitors a year, rangers on national wildlife refuges bump up against many such bugbears. They know which natural–world denizens invariably make some people flinch or go ewww. One thing they’ve noticed: Whether it’s because today’s visitors tend to live more indoor lives than past generations or watch too many TV survival shows, fears of nature are flourishing -- in all ages. “We’re seeing more kids sheltered and afraid,” says Ashley Inslee, a biologist at Bosque del Apache Refuge in New Mexico. “Even college kids interested in ... Read more

Families on Foot Photo Challenge

American Hiking Society is partnering with Moosejaw Mountaineering to offer a series of hiking related photo challenges through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hiking with your family is a fun, low-cost way to live an active, healthy lifestyle, build memories, and connect with nature.  According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, kids watch on average 3 hours of TV a day.  And that's only TV - add in hand-held devices and computers and they're spending between 5 and 7 hours of their day glued to some sort of a screen.  Hiking is an easy way to get kids outdoors and away from the TV.  RULES:  To enter, take a photo of you and your family while out on the trail.  Each week there will be ... Read more