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We want to see you and your family out on the trail.

American Hiking Society is partnering with Moosejaw Mountaineering to offer a series of hiking related photo challenges through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Hiking with your family is a fun, low-cost way to live an active, healthy lifestyle, build memories, and connect with nature.  According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, kids watch on average 3 hours of TV a day.  And that’s only TV – add in hand-held devices and computers and they’re spending between 5 and 7 hours of their day glued to some sort of a screen.  Hiking is an easy way to get kids outdoors and away from the TV.

 RULES:  To enter, take a photo of you and your family while out on the trail.  Each week there will be a different challenge – try and capture the “theme” for each challenge in your photo (i.e. awkward family photo, feet on the trail, action shot, etc.).  Upload the picture to Facebook or Twitter and tag @AmericanHiking (facebook / twitter) or @MoosejawMadness (facebook / twitter) with #FamiliesonFoot.  Prefer to email it to us? That’s fine with us – social@americanhiking.org

This photo challenge will run from the start of summer on June 21 and will end the week of August 31 – plenty of time to rally your family and hit the trails.


Go hiking with your family on ANY trail.  


Snap a photo while on your hike – make sure to stick with the theme/challenge of the week!


Upload photo to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account or directly to ours!


Make sure to tag American Hiking and Moosejaw with the hashtag #FamilesonFoot  


Win Prizes!  #Awesome

   PRIZES:  Each week, 3 winners will be selected to win prize packages from Moosejaw and American Hiking. Prize packages will be different each week based off of that week’s challenge!  Prizes will be posted as challenges are posted so you know what’s up for grabs.

1st Place: Challenge designated prize package with gear from Moosejaw

2nd Place: AHS sponsored prize TBD

3rd Place: AHS sponsored prize TBD

Thanks to our corporate sponsor:


WEEK ONE CHALLENGE (6/21-6/25): In the name of “Families on Foot” – post your best shot of your family’s feet on the trail! Get creative – show us where your feet or paws took you this weekend! You have until next Wednesday to submit your photos! GO!

WEEK ONE PRIZES: Osprey Daylight Pack, Kid’s Camelback, Moosejaw Camelback

WEEK TWO CHALLENGE (6/27-7/2): Hiking is a fun and easy way to encourage your family to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  SHOW US YOUR BEST YOGA POSE while out on the trail. You have until next Wednesday to submit your photos! GO!  Disclaimer – none of us are yoga instructors. Do what you can, we won’t judge!

WEEK TWO PRIZES: Osprey Daylight Pack, Kid’s Camelback, Men’s Hiking Socks

WEEK THREE CHALLENGE (7/4-7/9): Happy July 4th! What is more American than hiking our great nation’s trails with man’s best friend. POST A PICTURE WITH YOU AND YOUR FURRY FRIEND out on the trail and we’ll replace that ragged old leash you’ve been using for years.  Go get ‘em Lassie!  Disclaimer – If you don’t have a dog, go hiking with your human best friend.  That is still VERY American.

WEEK THREE PRIZES: Osprey Daylight Pack and a Ruffwear Leash

WEEK FOUR CHALLENGE (7/11-7/16): Show us your selfie! Win cool hiking gear by taking a family selfie out on the trail! It can be of you and your kids, you and a spouse, you and a furry friend, whoever. Get out and get creative! Don’t forget to post your pics to social media; @americanhiking, @moosejawmadness, and #Familiesonfoot

WEEK FOUR PRIZES: Mountain Hardwear Pack, a kid’s Camelback, and women’s hiking socks

WEEK FIVE CHALLENGE (7/18-7/23): We are switching up this challenge since dog photos are so popular! We want the best high five with your dog on the trail! Show us where your paws took you this weekend! You can be celebrating anywhere out on the trail. Gimme 5! And don’t forget to post your photos to social media; @americanhiking, @moosejawmadness, and #Familiesonfoot

WEEK FIVE PRIZES: Osprey Pack and Dog Frisbees

WEEK SIX CHALLENGE (7/25-7/30): Any nature detectives here? Take a picture of you and your family doing some “wildlife research” out on the trail! You could be looking through binoculars at a falcon, using a magnifying glass to look at a ladybug, inspecting a tidal pool, or anything else! Get outside and get creative! Don’t forget to post your photos to social media; @americanhiking, @moosejawmadness, and #Familiesonfoot

WEEK SIX PRIZES: Marmot Pack, Kid’s Outdoor Research Hat, and a Moosejaw Camelback