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Hiking with Dogs

Click here for a printer-friendly PDF A dog can be a built-in companion for outdoor adventures, and is always ready, willing, and eager to hit the trail. Hiking with dogs provides health benefits to both the pets and the owners, as well as deepening their bond through shared experiences. Need more information to get started?  Find places to hike with dogs and be sure to take along the gear your dog will need whenever you hit the trail. Below are some simple "Petiquette" guidelines to remember as you get ready to hit the trail with your dog. 1. Make sure that dogs are allowed on the land where you will be hiking and obey any restrictions concerning areas that are off limits. 2. Keep ... Read more

Gear for Hiking with a Dog

Do you enjoy hiking with a furry friend? Have you thought about the special kinds of gear you'll need for hiking with a dog? As a well-prepared hiker, you wouldn't consider hitting the trail without items that will keep you safe and comfortable. If you're not sure what to bring, check out our 10 Essentials of Hiking. When bringing your dog along on hikes, be sure to check out our list below for the special gear your dog needs. Before hitting the trail with your dog, check out the advice provided in Hiking with Dogs: Becoming a Wilderness-Wise Dog Owner, written by Linda B. Mullally and published by FalconGuides. The book contains information on many relevant topics, including choosing a dog ... Read more

All About Trails

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Safety and First Aid

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Outdoor Skills

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Before You Go

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